Politics Are Dumb and Also They Are Dumb…A Temporary Resignation Letter From Talking Politics Online

I’m fairly certain you won’t want to read this. So don’t.

I’m mainly writing this for myself, as a reminder of why I’m done talking politics on social media. I’m mentally exhausted by all of it.

So, if you keep reading, that’s on you. I warned you, sports.

After months of being hyper plugged into the political scene, here’s where I’m at: if we continue on this current trajectory we will lose again in 2020 and wind up with 8 years of Trump. And sadly, as many of my friends will attest, I tend to see things coming long before most people do in politics. I was the one asshole who told my friends, “Yep, Trump could win” as they all laughed. I’m like a political Cassandra, a blessing and a curse, but mostly a curse.

Here’s why I’m done discussing politics online for now in no particular order, not every reason because that would be far too long, and with my usual trademark typos:

The DCCC announced it will support pro-life candidates.

Did you read that? Democrats. Will. Fund. Pro-life. Candidates.

It’s insane to me, that the same people who attacked Bernie Sanders for helping a Dem (the only Dem running in that race, mind you) in Omaha who had a history of flip flopping on abortion rights (Sanders even required the candidate to say he’d support a pro choice stance) are silent now in the DCCC’s outrageous stance that it will support pro-life candidates. Not a peep. All the centrists outraged online at Bernie have grown oddly silent.

Hm, strange.

Democrats will continue to move right rather than left. They have turned their back on the progressive wing of the Democratic party, but continue to embrace more GOP ideals. Sure, Schumer came out with, “A Better Deal” but let me be clear, it’s hokum. I could provide further information as to why, but let’s face it, no one will read it.  Fuck it, here it is: click here for a good time.

Additionally, the DNC has already picked Kamala Harris and begun a smear campaign on anyone who has valid concerns on her voting record and whether or not she’s a champion of the American people. I could provide all the links to why I have concerns, but I’m fairly certain MSNBC got to you first and the links I shared would never be read, so why bother.  This is the internet, you’ve already moved on to a cat video.

Sorry, I told you I’ve given up for now.

And how about the democratic ‘leadership’ which is stunningly tone deaf? Nancy Pelosi, who rejects single payer, even though 2/3 of Americans support it, will STILL not step down and let new voices in, because she quote, “Knows how to win races.”

Dems have lost 1,000 seats since 2008.

Pelosi will also not step down for new leadership, because quote, “I’m a master fund raiser.”

So? Hillary raised twice the money that Trump did and still lost. The American people want money OUT of politics and Pelosi’s major self-selling point is, “I know how to raise corporate money, and therefore be beholden to donors.”

No thanks, Nanc-a-roo.

Our minimum wage in 2017 is 7 bucks and some change, a slave wage, and both Dems and the GOP are responsible for this. Again, I could share why, but I don’t think most people want to or have time to read the research. The Corporate Dems want us to believe, or buy the false narrative through their mouthpiece, MSNBC (among others) that it’s an either/or situation in regards to identity politics, and that just isn’t the case.

It’s a manipulation. We care about both. Who said it had to be either/or?

They say, “The left doesn’t care about social issues because they ONLY care about whether someone can earn a living wage, want affordable college, etc, but they don’t care about [fill in straw man/red herring tactic to divert attention from economic issues facing Americans.] They use words like ‘Berniebro and purist to automatically shut down the conversation and hear nothing you have to say. They did the same thing in 2008 with the term ‘Obama Boys.’

This is not the case, don’t allow yourself to be lied to.

And furthermore, economic issues ARE social issues. Ask yourself, “Who does the slave minimum wage hurt the most?” Answer: Women and minorities.

And the last nail in the coffin is that the major liberal media we watch as is owned by Comcast, a mouthpiece for corporate Dems. Don’t kid yourself, they hate progressives. Hate them. MSNBC has not and will not truly educate the populace about the issues facing our country. They have a corporate agenda and it sincerely kills me that we as a country are still asleep at the wheel.

So, here we are. It’s 2017, and the corporate Dems tell us we have to support who they say, and if you don’t, they will smear you, use false equivalencies, diversions, and everything they have in their arsenal to keep the status quo firmly in place. We’re told not to even discuss Harris as the DNC chosen one, three and a half years before the next election, because ‘not now.’

It’s not just that they don’t want criticism, they don’t want Progressives to talk at all.

The truth is they’d rather align with the GOP than anyone on the left, and it’s infuriating to witness.

The Republicans are like some evil cult at this point and our answer is STILL let’s move center, let’s give up a woman’s right to choose, let’s allow people to continue living in poverty, keep raising money from corporations, and abandon what FDR intended the Democratic party to be with the New Deal.

As I said, I forecast a repeat of 2016, and 8 years of Trump. And the DNC is devastatingly complicit in this. And even if we get to impeach Trump, and that’s a longshot at best, we’ll have whatever Republican hoodwinks Americans again. Because the left isn’t on board with corporate Dems, Independents aren’t, and clearly not those who voted for Trump out of exasperation with both parties (I’m not including Trump’s hardcore base here- that’s a whole other megillah.)

I know a lot of you are angered by what I’ve said, you should be angry- but ask yourself, are you angry by what I’ve said here- that’s factually correct, or the past 40 years of post Reagan centrism that led us here?

Personally, I’m done for now, I have no other comments on politics on social media until I see people waking up on their own volition. I can’t continue to argue with people who won’t take a hard look at where we are and their entire take away is, “Dems good, GOP bad.”

The truth is deeper that that, far deeper and my only hope is that people will start to open their minds, read further, and seek journalists that still have integrity in reporting on our critically injured Democracy.

And if none of this convinced you: the Democrats already lost to Trump. To. Trump. How fucking awful do you have to be to lose to that sack of radioactive monkey snot?

The truth is nuanced, and you have to work hard to find it. I’m still working on it because it’s an ongoing battle. I could explain why Bill Clinton is responsible for our current 6 corporate owned news behemoths, and therein lies the problem of the garbage news we’re fed right now, but who cares… (alright…if you care, here it is)

Because Dems good, GOP bad, right?



  1. Another thing that upsets me is that so many Dems are already “sitting on their laurels” like the 2018 landslide predictions are a sure thing. We also thought Hillary’s victory was a sure thing. Oh, and Pelosi needs to go. For the sake of the party, she needs to go.

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  2. There was a comment a few weeks ago on Twitter from Mikel Jolett, about Bernie and Russia. It was such an insane accusation from someone I really respected. I remember seeing your response and thinking how diplomatic you were being when all I wanted to do was shake him. I could sense your frustration then, and I felt like I had a kindred spirit because I truly feel like I am theonly sane person in a mental institution. Liberals have been especially frustrating because what they say they want is such a contradiction to which politicians they support. History has repeatedly shown us what happens when we reach these levels of incominequality, and so many people I respected want to continue with business as usual.

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    • I remember that, and I realized I could not reach him or basically anyone online- even irl…I have no idea how to reach someone politically. It’s too frustrating to keep on like this so I have to stop for a while.


      • Good grief yes! Politics making ee sick and unable to sleep. I’m thinking that is what most sane people must be feeling.


  3. You are so spot on I fell in love with you. Why do people fight about politics w he n we could all get along. Your writing is like a breathe of fresh air a nd is c correct IMO 6for both parties.. way to go. You my dear are a true sa piophile

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  4. I am beyond tired of it. I couldn’t bring myself to vote in the last election, and the way its looking I doubt I will vote in the next one. Until the democrats either reform or there is a viable third party formed, I see no reason to go through the lovely process of choosing between dog crap and cat crap in a sandwich.

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