Twitter User Suspended, #freebeth Movement Launched

BeetPress Satire

Millions of Twitter users were shocked to discover, upon waking up this morning, that popular satirist and critical thinker who goes by the handle @bourgeoisalien has been silenced.

The page, run by an individual known only as Beth, was followed by over 56,000 Twitter users and offered a sardonic take on American politics. News of Beth’s silencing has sent shockwaves across the twitterverse. The historic event marks the first time that a Twitter account has been suspended and some, including @mabian, fear that sets a dangerous precedent. “Beth is a part of our national conversation. By eliminating her voice, you punish 60K of US, her followers. What did we do to be deprived of this voice? Your punishment is collective & disproportionate”.

Fans have reacted harshly upon hearing of the suspension. Kathy Durkin, a lesbian suburban grandma tweeted “We really need to move to a Nazi-free platform” followed…

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