No, I won’t take the road less traveled. I live in the south…Seen Deliverance?

Far too many sentimental words about Gainesville, Florida….



Question: Exactly what type of moron do you have to be to live in Florida?

Answer: Me

I assume I lost most of you right there. But for those of you that stayed, I commend you. You’re a brave soul, and I promise that this story will have sex in it. OK, there’s no sex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have sex while you read it. I’m not your boss; you can do whatever you want with my story. Print it off, fold it up, and use it to balance a shaky table leg, if you like. It’s your call. Naturally, I didn’t make the decision to live in Florida again willy-nilly, if that’s what you’re thinking. Maybe nilly-willy, but certainly not willy-nilly, there’s a huge difference. Look it up.

Hey, I’m a Floridian, I have no delusions….


Like most people of a certain age, I’ve lived in many…

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