In Defense of Trump: Why as a Liberal I Support The American Health Care Act


I’m just too lazy to kill myself.

I’ve prayed for death since Trump became President and this shit will definitely put the last nail in my coffin.

Talk about silver linings during this incessant garbage carnival: the sweet, sweet release of death. Isn’t that great? I won’t have to witness the rest of the Trump Presidency and I didn’t have to do the actual work of killing myself.Β Thanks, American Health Care Act.

Hey, since you’re here, why not watch “Safety Dance?” That video is bananas. Just a fun thing to watch while we all wait for death together.

Is America great again or fucking what?

Oh, and sign this petition for members of Congress to lose their health care too.



  1. I’m still laughing/sobbing 10 minutes later. Maybe we are already dead and this is actually a circle of hell even Dantes couldn’t have dreamed of!

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