Thanks Twitter, You Got me Through 2016. The 33 Tweeters That Were Bright Spots in a Garbage Carnival of a year:

For some, Twitter is a place to inexplicably tweet about their favorite sandwich, post yet another selfie, or if you’re a trump troll it’s a place to spew hate one misspelled word at a time. But for me and for the scores of people that I follow, it’s about one thing: humor. And yes of course, absolutely politics too- but even then it’s usually done under the umbrella of comedy.

When I hear a friend say, “I just don’t get Twitter” I wonder if they know that there’s a whole corner of Twitter that’s solely dedicated to hysterical, biting tweets. It’s a daily battle of wits, a place for those of us that savor language and intelligence go to not only entertain each other, but to make it through an otherwise bleak period in American history.  It’s better than any game, any crossword, or any show. There’s only one rule: you must be funny. Twitter’s the only game I’m good at, and I’ll probably be playing when I’m 80. You can keep your ‘Words With Friends’ or ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ I’ll take witty Twitter any day.

In spite of the indescribable shit show that 2016 was, some remarkable things happened for me on Twitter this year (links at the end of article)- Bono read my tweet to a room of thousands, a humor piece I wrote went viral, and one of my favorite comedy icons, Seth MacFarlane followed and retweeted me several times. But perhaps most importantly, I made contact with brilliant, creative people from all over the country. We all, including myself, love to knock Twitter- but honestly, how could we all have connected without it? Twitter, like any other social media platform is a tool- it’s up to you how to use it.

There are so many people I love reading on Twitter, and I obviously can’t include them all. This is probably why I’ve never made a list before. I know I’ve forgotten someone and I hate to hurt people’s feelings, so my next list probably won’t be until the end of 2017. I apologize to anyone I forgot to include, including my cats.

So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite tweeters of 2016:

1. I read Andy Richter daily. He’s not only a comedy hero, but a man deeply concerned with what’s going on in our country. He’s a must follow. And to the froggies that troll him daily: it’s tragic that you don’t understand he’s trying to help you.

2. I’ve been following Kyle since I was an egg. Consistently funny. This is one of my favorite tweets ever:

3. What can I say? Andrew knocks it out of the park weekly.

4. Alexa is not only a freind, but a deeply talented soul. You should follow immediately.

5. Saucy? You bet she is and been funny for years. Better than a sitcom.

6. fro vo ho can twist a phrase and do things with words that make them uniquely his- I’m continually blown away by his tweets.

7. Ah, Seth MacFarlane…need I say more?

8. One of my oldest Twitter buds and still one of the funniest. I often think of this tweet and laugh. Sometimes in public. Thanks for making me look stupid (er) Eric.

9. Yael is a deeply funny and smart Tweeter. We’re lucky she’s here.

10. GoaT FacE is always original, and trust me, that’s no easy task. A must follow.

11. Bat Karen has a unique, sharp-witted voice. I believe she’s smarter than all of us but I can’t prove it in a court of law. Yet.

12. A Twitter legend that makes me smile daily. Thanks for the daily funny, sir.

13. Don is my home-slice and one of the funniest people I know.

14. Elizabeth is simply luminous. I can’t wait to read her book!

15. A gem. One of my favorite people here or in real life:

16. There is literally no one better, in my opinion, for hate-filled Trump tweets. Full stop.

17. Pete is philosophy professor, and all that smarts shows in his incredible tweets:

18. Bruce, one of the founding members of ‘Kids in the Hall,’ my favorite comedy troupe ever, is still crazy after all these years. And he’s my friend because of twitter. So do I love Twitter? Yep. MY PEN!

19. This tweet. That is all.

20. Noodles is back! One of my favorites since day one:

21. Patton Oswalt has been a must read this year. He’s shrewd, informed, and keeps us all laughing despite the apocalypse. Maybe my favorite  fellow libtard.

22. This woman can tweet about anything and do it well. Read her entire TL. Trust me. It’s worth it.

23. Brian is a tweeter’s tweeter- never over the top and always on point.

24. This tweet makes me laugh every time I read it. Lisa is laugh out loud funny and I adore her.

25. Micheal is a classic. Continually funny. If you aren’t following him, are you really on Twitter?

26. Abby takes us places in her tweets we never saw coming. If you don’t know how hard that is to do, then you’re not paying attention. A must follow:

27. Maura Quint is a Twitter staple. I love that she can tweet about politics one minute and eating terrible cookies the next. There is an honesty in her voice that keeps us all as devoted fans.

28. Sarcasticsapien is always clever and hysterical. He’s one of my favs and he’s gotten me through some tough moments in 2016:

29. Viktor is an elegant, quick witted voice that stands out. His tweets stay with you and for that, we all owe him our gratitude:

30. Rachelle is incredibly talented. I even saw a tweet where she sings. She has a beautiful voice. Not fair Rachelle, you’re not allowed to be good at everything.

31. Jackie is ridiculously hilarious. In spite of what life has thrown at her, she’s still funny. She’s kind of my hero, actually.

32. Kim is so wrong, she’s right. There are times when I look at her tweets and think, “good for you, you fabulous thing…good for you” because I wouldn’t have had the balls to tweet it. Follow here:

33. I want to travel to space with spacegirl incognito. She’s that good:

This one is so dear to my heart, it needs it’s own category. All I can say is thank you Elizabeth- you are continually a beacon in a sea of insanity. Thank you for the friendship this year and your clear sighted voice. You should all follow Elizabeth to stay relatively sane in 2017:


*Here’s a link with so many amazing tweets. I couldn’t use all of them- but so many are brilliant. Thanks to everyone that shared their funny with me this year.

*Click here to read my humor piece that went viral in 2016.

*That time Bono read my tweet and introduced it,’and wow, this one really hurts.’ I’m so sorry Bono.

*Some of my top tweets of 2016….not that you asked, obviously:


  1. It took me a while to find the funny side of Twitter. You’re right. It has it’s own little corner. I think I found your account, which opened the doors to all of the other accounts I enjoy and now I can’t get enough of it.


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